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Optimize turbine performance in Mexico’s Natural Gas Power Plants by 96%

FC Gas Intelligence has highlighted key areas where both challenges and opportunities appear for Natural Gas Power Plants in Mexico in a mini-report of easy access.

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This content was produced in association with the “Natural Gas Power Plant Construction Summit, 2018” (Mexico, 28th Feb – 01st March).


  • POLITICAL OUTLOOK & MARKET PERSPECTIVES UP TO 2020: Get a clear understanding of the political climate, the market perspectives and opportunities to come in these years to 2020. Get insight from key industry players (owners, operators, developers and EPCs) on supply, opportunities and challenge
  • PROJECT FINANCE: Get insight on the latest trends of project finance and possibilities of who to liaise with to provide for the most optimal financing and development of your project
  • PROJECT CASE STUDIES: Learn from executed project examples – Simplify planning, building and maintenance processes of CCGT and Co-Generation plants as well as the addition of latest technologies such as 3D, VR, AR, and IoT
  • PERMITTING, REGULATION AND MANAGING SOCIAL IMPACT STUDIES: Get leading insights on the key legal and indigenous community issues you need to address and master to deliver a successful project every step along the way
  • PROCUREMENT STRATEGIES: Develop your knowledge on how to manage supply chain bottlenecks to avoid costly delays during construction phase
  • R&D / HYBRID POWER PLANTS / TECHNOLOGY: Get insights on to the future of the industry and how to maximize your business through new possibilities and implementations of R&D and technology. Plan, apply and investment now for long-term success
  • MAXIMIZE O&M OPPORTUNITIES: Learn about the best and most innovative strategies to reduce downtime and optimize output

Download your mini-report here >>>

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Download the mini-report: Report: Optimize turbine performance in Mexico’s Natural Gas Power Plants by 96%